💡 How it works

In my YouTube and Telegram channel, I share a lot about learning Russian, news, interesting facts.
Every Saturday/Sunday we meet to practice Russian and discuss interesting topics:
  • First of all, this is a space where we can discuss and talk about topics that are covered in my videos: Learn Russian with News, and others.
  • We discuss topics that are popular in the moment
  • We have 1 meeting for Pre-Intermediate (A2-B1) level, and 1 for B2-C1.
Through the week we exchange materials to learn more about the topic of the week:
  • Podcasts with summaries, videos, articles
The best part – we can pick the things we want to talk about :) This is the beauty of communities.

🌟 Extra bonuses

  • Supporters’ Newsletter
  • Discount for all upcoming workshops

До скорой встречи!