If you are interested in politics, history, economics, geopolitics, and current news,
Especially if you want to know more about Russia and understand its context,
And if you are learning Russian at a B1 level or higher,
And if you want to learn Russian naturally through immersion,
And if you want to be able to discuss complex topics in Russian,
Then you are in the right place!
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My name is Yaroslava, and I am a Russian language teacher (as well as a literature teacher).
You may have found me through YouTube,
and I am happy to tell you more about my project,
Learn Russian with News.
In “Learn Russian with News”, we read news to improve your Russian language skills and expand your understanding of Russia from an insider's perspective.

We focus on:
  • Current events that impact Russia.
  • Key events in Russia, the USSR, and even the Russian Empire that continue to influence modern Russia today and shape the country as we know it.
On my YouTube channel you will find:
  • In-depth episodes about Russian reality (every week or so).
  • Free PDF with vocabulary and examples.
  • Free PDF with an exercise to help you recall all the vocabulary.


If you find the videos and materials helpful and would like to support my work, please consider becoming a member, and get even more!
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If you want to support my project, you can join the Supporters Newsletter 🩵 In this Supporters Newsletter you will find:
If you want to improve your Russian by discussing politics, history, culture, discoveries (basically the most interesting things), welcome to the club 😎
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3 speaking clubs a month to LRwN events and news
Polls to pick topics for LRwN episodes (will it be something from the past? or something that is discussed right now?)
Speaking clubs are: on Zoom, Intermediate/Advance, 60min each, on Sat/Sun 12pm Buenos Aires time (can be adjusted to fit participants schedule)
Updates and recommendations (about life, Russian, etc)
On these calls we will discuss the event, read a new article to deepen your understanding of the context (these could be an eyewitness memories, or article with different perspective, or anything else), and practice-practice-practice speaking.
It is a great way to stay connected (because you know, I barely use any other social media :)
🖊️ Supporters Newsletter
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