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Hey! My name is Yaroslava. I am a Russian language teacher with 6 years of experience, YouTuber, and a host of Russian learning community.
And now I open a Russian language school. Which is like no other language school (at least, as I am aware of)
If you already know me, then you know I am not a fan of “one method fits all”. I am a big advocate of the holistic approach.

If you want to be able:

  • Speak in Russian freely with different people. And have a lot of opportunities to practice speaking.
  • Read and understand authentic texts. And discuss it with others.
  • Focus on grammar that YOU need.
  • Understand natives and have an opportunity to speak with new Russian people every week.
  • Joke and express yourself in Russian.
  • And etc etc etc.

🥳 I introduce you my Russian language school!

In this school we have these types of lessons:

  • Grammar focused lessons (for B- and B+ level)
  • Speaking sessions (for B- and B+ level)
  • Reading + discussion sessions (based on authentic articles)
  • Interest clubs (listening Russian music, discussing movies, etc)
  • Creative skills sessions (writing poems in Russian, storytelling, drama, etc)
  • Native guest session (I will invite a native speaker, so we can discuss some specific topic with them)
  • Game sessions
  • Public speaking
  • Recalling session
  • And the best part, your requests will have a big impact on the curriculum. So whatever you and your co-students want to learn can be added to the lessons.
Every week we have 7 online lessons with me to work on your weak spots or develop your strengths, and make the learning not learning, but fun.
And you can attend any and all of them 🙂 
YES. 7 online live lessons a week with a real teacher.

For whom:

The school fits best for Intermediate +- level (I would say from B1- to B2, but we need to understand that every person is unique).
To understand, if it will work for you, you can:
  • But I recommend to book a free 30 min call with me where I can help you to define your level and answer all your questions.


  • Before joining the school you get 2 forms – your interests and available time (for me to make the schedule). That’s how we make sure the schedule will be interesting for you.
  • After filling the forms and payment you can join our Telegram chat.
  • Every Sunday you get the schedule and topics for the next week activities and links to Google Meet to join them.
  • Every day I send a reminder of today’s sessions (It is not neccesary to attend each lesson! just those you find more interesting or that fit your schedule)
  • On the lesson. The best option is to join the lessons via laptop with a camera. But a fixed smartphone will do the job too but sometimes it will be not that convenient to work with the materials online. But it will be fine. One lesson is about 50 min.
  • After almost each session we have a list of main points, interesting words, and a record.
  • Through the week you can send a requests for lessons, materials, activities, that will be accounted in the week schedule.
That’s it! You are incredible and practiced your Russian almost everyday 😊


# of lessons a week
7 lessons a week
€120 for 4 weeks (28 lessons)
me only

Questions you might have:

I'm not sure if the level of the lesson will be right for me (too easy or too hard).
For every lesson I will prepare different types of practice for every level, that will 100% will work for you. Plus this is not a school with dozens of students and dozens of teachers. So I will know your level, your goal, and can adjust the lesson as we go 🙂
I'm not sure if I'm at an intermediate level yet.
Before inviting you to a school we will have a call, where I can help you determine your level, and tell you if this will be a good fit for you (no pressure).
I don't think I'll be able to keep up with all of the lessons.
Yes, 7 (or 10 lessons) a week is lot. But the point is – you don’t need to attend all of them to speak fluently and confidently – just pick activities you enjoy the most and visit them :) If you are curious, you can always check recordings of lessons you missed if you want.
I'm concerned about the time difference.
Don’t want to brag, but I made a program that makes the perfect schedule! Before joining you need to fill 2 forms – with you availability and interests. And then poof the program create a schedule that is for sure will be comfortable :)
If you have other questions, please, text me:
Email –