If you want to develop confidence and fluency
Private lessons

  • Do you want to talk to your loved ones, relatives, and friends?
  • Do you want to watch Russian movies and read Russian literature?
  • Do you want to travel to Russia (and many other countries) and make new friends?
  • Or do you work as a Russian language specialist (such as a translator, historian, writer, scholar, journalist, or linguist) and need to improve your Russian language skills?
I am happy to help you with any of these goals!

If you want to improve your speaking skills in a group
Speaking club

I am hosting a speaking club for students at the B1+B2 level.
Every month, we have a new topic to discuss such as language learning, culture, politics, art, science, and more.
Check out the details and reserve your spot at the Speaking Club.

If You Study by Yourself
For self-learners

If you are learning Russian by yourself, I am happy to support you and make your journey easier and more effective! I can help you:
  • Make a realistic study plan that will be easy to follow.
  • Analyze your strengths and weaknesses to boost your language skills.
  • Conduct speaking sessions with detailed feedback and recommendations.
  • Answer all Russian-related questions on Telegram.

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