As a professional Russian language and literature teacher, I have a passion for history, politics, art, and science. And I am happy to meet and help other aspired learners! Whether you're keen on understanding the political dynamics, appreciating the artistry, or simply curious about Russia's past (or the future), I will be happy to expand your understanding of the Russian context and Russian fluency. And all of this with the main goal in mind: to be able to speak freely and eloquently on topics you are interested in.
The method is applied to all levels. A0: Starting with the basics, and start talking about things that interest you from the very beginning. A1+A2: We also will be working on a solid foundation, so expect more adapted texts and practice. But from this level we are already reading and discussing authentic materials. B-C level: Идеально 🙂

Main principles

  • Lessons are food for thought. We will discuss the most controversial and interesting topics, that can change your perspective. And of course deepen your interests by reading and watching authentic materials, working with original documents, and discussing the latest events.
  • Grammar and vocabulary in use. Every lesson we will be expanding you Russian knowledge while discussing topics of the lesson by introducing you authentic materials and giving you more ways of expressing yourself. So you can speak more freely and fluently right away. Also I will be challenging your Russian with special exercises. So the new grammar and lexis sticks with you 🙂
  • I am not a fan of cold “teacher-student” interaction. And very proud of the atmosphere we create with my students on our lessons. It is very warm, supportive, and at the same time vibrant and full of jokes.


200 eur a month for 60 min lesson once a week or 30 min twice a week (this means 4-5 60min lessons or 8-10 30min lessons a month) OR 50 eur for 60 min (packages of 4 60min lessons or 8 30min lessons) Payment through Buymeacoffee (you can pay with a card without any commission)
  1. Rescheduling For monthly payers: you can reschedule the lesson within the month. For package payers: packages give more flexibility, and you can use them more “on demand”.
  1. Being late If you are being late on a lesson, please contact me as soon as you can. So I know I need to wait you. If you couldn’t warn me (and it wasn’t an emergency), the lesson is considered as done.

До скорой встречи!