My approach

Using language coaching techniques, modern teaching approaches, and a wide range of materials (that suit you), lesson by lesson we will be growing your confidence and proficiency in Russian.

Three main points:

  1. Building an effective vocabulary that can be used in different contexts. And revising it regularly.
  1. Russian grammar in use. I do not believe in teaching grammar on its own, that's why the rules will be implemented with the topics and new lexis.
  1. All of the notes and materials from lessons are staying with you. And I would gladly provide you with more materials for practice, if welcome.


  1. If you are interested, contact me:
  1. We will set time for the first meeting: - it can be a free 30 min meeting to get to know your current level, your goals, your background, your expectations, etc :) - or it can be 60 min coaching session (as described here)
  1. If everything is great, we are starting our Russian lessons :)


Lessons price: 150 eur a month for 60 min lesson once a week (this means 4-5 lessons a month for 150 eu) OR 40 eur for 60 min (packages of 4 lessons)
You all know that I am very tolerant to rescheduling, so if we can’t meet one week, then we reschedule that lesson to another day that month. If it happens and you can’t meet one week, then I prepare very detailed materials for self-study this day. If we can’t meet because of me, then we trying to find time for rescheduling, or I prepare materials for self-study or refund.